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A couple of our Projects

Our experience ranges from enterprise to scaling startups. 


Motorcycle Planning, Tracking and Sharing Platform

What is it

Rever is an app and planning tool for motorcycle riders to track their rides, share with friends and discover new terrain. Initially creating Rever as a bootstrapped startup, scaling with venture capital investment (from BMW) and beyond. We created the development and support team. It now supports over 1 million riders across 120 countries.

  • Developed a location services system that allowed users to track, plan and share their rides 
  • Backend data analysis – stats about rider journeys, miles, bike brand, time and much much more Native iOS and Android apps 
  • WordPress 
  • Developing customer support systems 
  • Documentation procedures 
  • Build a team of developers Integrating with third party hardware (Rlink) 
  • Partner development (Honda, Harley, KTM)
  • Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL backend 
  • ReactJS web frontend 
  • Native iOS and Android apps 
  • AWS Cloud, ElasticBeanstalk, ALB, ASG, ACM, Route53, Docker, ECR, RDS, ElastiCache: Redis cache, S3, CloudWatch Load Balancing 
  • GIS and mapping technologies


Private social network, Digital content monetization

What is it

Private social network mobile platform built for celebrities and influencers to stay in touch with their fans and be able to monetize digital content with private chats, timelines and stories. The platform is designed with high-scalability, availability and fault-tolerance in mind to support up to 10 millions of users, where 10K users can concurrently consume content every moment of time and 1K users can concurrently generate content.

6600 came fully prepared for the challenge. Within the extremely tight timeframe the team has developed and launched a fully-featured Social Network as A Service (SNaaS) platform named “DigiSelfie” – www.digiselfie.com, that provides a full range of back-office capabilities for the social network apps of any kind: multi-tenancy, user accounts, multiple user profiles, alerts and notifications, friends, chats, timelines, daily stories, activity streams, and even the private identity provider for passwordless user authentication via the tenant’s social network. Once the concept was fully proven, 6600 implemented the sophisticated social networking app, Quackle (www.quackle.com) that has all social network features: chats, timelines, daily stories, making / inviting friends, as well as the digital content marketplace that allows selling the chat channels, timeline posts, user stories, as well as chat messages.

  • Golang
  • Node.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • DGraph
  • React.js
  • React.native
  • AWS


Cloud-enabling vision-based tennis court automation technology

What is it

AccuTennis, the creators of innovative tennis court automation equipment, after proving the concept and piloting their equipment and the initial version of their software inside several tennis facilities, faced the challenge of inability to operate and manage all their clients (tennis clubs, players) from a central place and provide access to the software from a centralized location. They decided to migrate their software to the cloud, add multi-tenancy to their solution for simplified onboarding of new clients, and improve their software to meet industry standards.

6600 took the challenge seriously, improved the UI/UX experience of the club and customer portals, migrated the solution to the cloud, added the support for multi-tenancy as required, ensured the platform’s operational and functional scalability, restructured the software components to meet the industry standards, implemented the mobile web app in addition to the standard one, as well as developed the company’s branding and marketing materials. As the result of this transformation, the client’s business had successful commercial launch.

  • C#
  • PostgreSQL
  • Angular.js

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