Where we Live

We live in Eagle, Colorado at an elevation of, guess, 6600 feet. Yup, that’s where the name came from. Just over a mile high and beautiful. And we live here because we can. We have global connections and local directions. We are Aussies and Americans and we can create the perfect design for your company.

Okay, we realized that a website is key to your business, but a website alone just ain’t going to cut it anymore, right? So we give you all the print, apps, search engine and branding needs right here, right now. A one-stop shop with caring, friendly and dedicated customer service.

We can help you grow bigger by customizing your design & web needs together. By understanding your product, we have an automatic interest in your brand and your identity.

Mad Skills

We like skiing too!


Our Backyard


No Burnt Offerings From us

Pretty Stuff

You know those super cool people you wonder how the hell they came up with that? They are our designers. And we ain’t talking hipsters.

It Works Sweet Too

On the other hand those other types that don’t wash much, enjoy computer games and don’t get out. Yeah we got those too.

Attention Vampires

Whenever you are ready to look up from your phone we are here for you.  Or while you engaged in that little attention vampire check out our mobile work.

Search Engine Brouhaha

So who really cares if you have a website up if no one goes there. We can get people you want there. 

We can be your website soul mate, grrrrr Get In Touch

Coffee's This Year (So Far)
Ski Days (Not Enough!)
Days on Bike (Yup, Not Enough)

6600 Design has done an amazing job with their work for us. They have created a complete brand for us as well as revolutionized our website. We ask a lot of them and they deliver.

Rory Hunter, Song Saa

6600 Design far exceeded our expectations and created a site for us that is beyond what we had hoped to accomplish. We were hoping for something good and got something great. We cannot recommend 6600 feet more highly.

Yuri Kostick, Eagle Town Mayor

6600 Design delivered a great website for the Town of Eagle. They met or exceeded expectations in a friendly, professional manner. During the website presentation the site received a standing ovation from the Town Board: the only one I have ever seen in my 8 years with the Town.

Kevin J. Sharkey P.E., Assistant Town Engineer